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ballistic containment

Listed on the LLoyds Register

ballistic containment blocks

The General Ranges Ballistic Containment Box prevents splatter and ricochet, and 99% of airborne lead. It will capture intact the ammunition fired into it, up to and including 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO ammunition. It is available as a standard and half-sized box.

General Ranges Ballistic Containment Boxes contain free high-grade granular rubber and will trap 5,000 to 7,000 rounds per box.

These boxes are service exchange units and can be returned for bullet recovery, recycling and re-use. This dramatically expands the life of the GCE box and reduces the whole-life costs. This innovative design concept also means that lead is safely removed from the range for recycling and minimises environmental damage.

They can be used for target system and mantlet protection, to eliminate attrition in shoot-house 'hot-spots' and to protect vulnerable firing range features.

pure granular ballistic rubber

General Ranges Pure Granular Ballistic Rubber captures ammunition intact and prevents splatter and ricochet of 99% of airborne lead.

It is used for:

The rubber is delivered in tote bags or bulk according to requirement. We also have the facility to pump the granular rubber into or out of traps for simplified cleaning and maintenance.

General Ranges Pure Granular Ballistic Rubber is delivered in a clean state and is warranted to be free of cloth or metal. After use it can be recovered, separated and washed, and recycled for re-use.

General Ranges Pure Granular Ballistic Rubber can be fire-retardant treated. The treatment involves coating with aluminium hydroxide which is an effective fire-suppressant. This treatment will adhere to the granules even during washing and recycling.

General Ranges is licensed to recycle lead and other firing range contaminants.