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shoot houses

Listed on the LLoyds Register

General Ranges are vastly experienced in the design and construction of safe shoothouses allowing for realistic combat training.

live fire

These are built for realistic 360° live fire training using .22, 9mm, .357, 44 Magnum, 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds.

Walls can be built with GCE ballistic panel.

All spent rounds are collected in the base of the walls and lifted by vacuum cleaner on a daily or weekly basis. This provides a safe (lead-free) environment for both students and instructor.


Shoot houses can be built to customers' specifications for any type of simulated fire e.g. laser or paintball.

These buildings can be built to five storeys high in whatever layout the customer requires. All units are fitted with regulation compliant internal and external stairways and gantries.

A wide choice of doors and windows are available to suit customer requirements.