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live shooting ranges

Listed on the LLoyds Register

General Ranges are widely renowned for the design, construction and fit-out of high quality live ranges and specialist bespoke training facilities.

Our experienced team work closely with our clients to analyse individual training needs in order to design and deliver effective training facilities in line with their budget and training requirements.


Shoot ranges are individually built for 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and Barrett Lightweight 50.

Shooting ranges can be supplied as a full turnkey project with heating, air conditioning and air filtration system (HEPA). They can be supplied with a standalone power supply from 10KvA to 2500KvA.

Firing ranges are built with outside lanes 250mm wider to minimise wall damage. Units can be supplied with up to 12 lanes.

Units can be supplied with high roof and double access doors downrange for vehicle entry.

Shooting ranges incorporate plenty of space and light to allow tuition of student by instructor.

Comfortable training environment with a temperature range of 18—22°C, fitted with a variable airflow of 60—100 feet per second.

Shooting ranges can be supplied with a wide choice of target systems: running man, popup targets, dropdown targets, live fire 3D scenario screen

Shoot Range Master's office has independent air conditioning and comes fitted with desks, chairs, filing cabinets etc.